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An Evening With Groucho Marx
Mar 73
Ad ID# 394

Austin Powers
Aug 97
Ad ID# 10605

Boogie Nights
Nov 97
Ad ID# 10586

Columbia Record Club
May 56
Ad ID# 1306

David Bowie
Jul 74
Ad ID# 130

David Bowie
Aug 02
Ad ID# 13972

Frank Zappa
Jun 74
Ad ID# 2418

Heavy Metal
Sep 81
Ad ID# 106

John and Yoko Ono
Feb 72
Ad ID# 1163

La-Z-Boy Recliners
Nov 67
Ad ID# 10482

Rolling Stones
Jul 72
Ad ID# 2075

Aug 97
Ad ID# 10606

Slade Slayed?
Apr 73
Ad ID# 1990

Sly and the Family Stone
Sep 74
Ad ID# 2054

Stan Getz
Jan 63
Ad ID# 10285

Steve Miller Band
Feb 79
Ad ID# 2457

The Firm
Sep 93
Ad ID# 2822

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