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ASAP Computer
Oct 81
Ad ID# 1641

Atari Video Game
Oct 78
Ad ID# 2275

Compaq LTE 5000
Jul 96
Ad ID# 12781

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Computer PT Boat
Jan 87
Ad ID# 11052

Dual 286
Mar 85
Ad ID# 10031

IBM Electronic Calculator
Jul 51
Ad ID# 908

Imsai 10 megatbyte computer $5995
Nov 82
Ad ID# 1287

Radio Shack TRS-80
Oct 84
Ad ID# 10092

Tandy 2000
Dec 84
Ad ID# 10176

Timex Computer
Nov 82
Ad ID# 1264

Z-2 Computer System
Sep 77
Ad ID# 10002

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